Business Combined Insurance

Royal Crown Insurance, a company with an established presence and long-term experience in the insurance world, and with a main goal to protect and cover its clients with its progressive insurance policies, presents the Business Combined Insurance Policy. The Business Combined Insurance Policy concerns all businessmen, shop-owners, manufacturers, factory-owners and merchants, as well as hoteliers, entrepreneurs and owners and tenants of movable or immovable property. It concerns you too.

In this day and age, the conscientious businessman assumes a number of responsibilities and may be occupied with serious problems. Daily, he is summoned to find solutions, which may be crucial for the future course of his business, and there is not always time to carry his obligations through. The Business Combined Insurance Policy protects the businessman, with 11 sections of insurance cover, and offers security, which safeguards the smooth flow of his business and increases efficiency. Royal Crown Insurance’s Business Combined Insurance Policy fully secures the Future Course of your Business because it can be adapted to your own needs and priorities and shields your business from the various risks. The Business Combined Insurance Policy offers assurance and security.

The Business Combined Insurance Policy secures financial stability, unaffected by potential unforeseeable events and safeguards the future course of the business, in the following cases:

  • Total or partial damage to property due to various risks
  • Reduction or loss of profits as a result of damage to property
  • Payment of damages resulting from the relationship of your business with employees or clients

Look into our Business Combined Insurance Policy before working

The Business Combined Insurance Policy is a modern insurance policy, offering a very wide scope of cover and total protection, thus rendered one of the modern businessman’s basic financial tools. On taking out the Business Combined Insurance Policy, the Businessman may choose as many covers as he considers necessary.

The Policy includes:

  • Cover for Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Earthquake, Riot and political upheaval, Malicious Damage, Storm, Tempest, Hurricane, Burst Pipes, Collision Damage, Aircraft and other Flying objects Damage, Wreckage Removal, Temporary Relocation Costs, Architect, Survey, Legal and Consultation Fees etc.
  • Consequential Loss including Loss or Reduction of Profit Cover for Theft or attempted Theft
  • Cover for Public and Products Liability
  • Loss of money during transit or whilst in premises
  • Cover for electrical equipment
  • Personal Accident Insurance for the company’s personnel, during working hours or on 24-hour basis.
  • Cover for glass
  • Cover for Goods in Transit
  • Cover for Refrigerated Goods
  • Computer Insurance