Professional Indemnity for Specified Professions

Even if meticulous in our chosen professions, we are still humans.  And humans make mistakes.  As a property consultant, you might miscalculate costs.  As a designer, you might accidentally insert the wrong contact details in an advertisement or brochure. As a writer, you might might unintentionally distribute false information.  A small act of absent-mindedness might lead to financial hardship to someone else.

And you might, therefore, find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit. Without specialist professional indemnity insurance, that could leave you personally liable for a compensation payment at least equivalent to the full financial loss the client can claim to have suffered. Not to mention an expensive legal bill.

Our Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for Specified Professions is designed to protect you from such an eventuality.  Our Policy may be configured according to your own insurance needs or requests and be adjusted to the circumstances of your professional practice.

Look into our Professional Indemnity Policy for Estate Agents, Quantity Surveyors, Landscape Designers, Graphic Designers, Interior Designers, Photographers, Advertising Agents, Publishers/ Editors/ Copywriters/ Translators/ Authors.

  • Limit of Indemnity of 1.000.000 Euro
  • Very competitive Premium Rates
  • No Fee Limit
  • Option to include Employer’s Liability and Public Liability cover when you purchase your PI Policy

What is covered:

  • Civil liability for breach of professional duty as a practising Professional, for anyone working in the firm as a partner or as Employee
  • Legal Expenses for the defence of a claim
  • Optional Cover for Loss of Documents.