Public Liability Insurance

Royal Crown Insurance, a company with an established presence and long-term experience in the insurance world, and with a main goal to protect and cover its clients with its progressive insurance policies, presents the Public Liability Insurance Policy. The Public Liability Insurance Policy is of interest to anyone who occupies a building or space where the public has access, even if that is your home.

When we have visitors, we are reponsible for their safety. Whether this is our home, or our office, and even more if we own a hotel, a restaurant or any premises people come to spend time in, we are obliged to make sure that anywhere they are is absolutely safe. Perhaps we might fail in that, we might not be as careful as we should and someone suffers damage or injury due to a ngegligent act that could have been avoided. The Public Liability Insurance is especially designed for conscientious persons and companies, wishing to ensure that in the event of any carelessness, whoever was affected can be compensated.