Customer Portal

If you are an RCI client, you can register by entering your Policy Number (or any one of them, if you have many policies with us), as well as your Telephone Number.

Your account is created immediately, and by entering your chosen user name and password, you will have access to your RCI insurance information.

This will enable you to check when your policies are due for renewal, and current sums insured or limits of liability, additional drivers and therefore consider any changes that need to be made at or before renewal.

Note that you will not be able to register if your telephone number is not in our database, in which case just call us at 22885555 or email, giving us your name your name, policy number and telephone number, and we shall make sure you can register within minutes.

For the time being, Statements of Account for each client will not be available for perusal, as this facility will be up and running on our next upgrade. If you would like a copy of your Statement, again, call or email us and it will be with you within minutes.

With thanks to all our loyal and trusting clients who are inspiring to develop and improve.