Commercial Vehicle Important Note


Getting a quote from us is quick and easy. It should take no longer than 5 minutes and you will be able to track your position on the progress bar at the bottom of the page.

Important Note

Please agree with the following statements. If you cannot agree, Call us on 22 885555 or e-mail us to give us futher details.

  • I am the registered owner of the vehicle
  • I have no criminal convictions (including motoring offences)
  • I have had no claims, during the last 3 years
  • I have no disease, physical or mental or infirmity that interferers with my driving ability
  • I have never been refused Insurance by another company
  • I have no vehicle modifications
  • I am not a professional driver e.g. taxi driver
  • I confirm that I am not falsely representing somebody else in the details I will be submitting for a quotation
  • The Vehicle should be registered in Cyprus

Agree to the above, give us your information below so we can give you a quote. You will receive the quotation via e-mail within one working hour.