Quality Policy (ISO)

Royal Crown’s Quality Policy supports its strategic direction promoting its mission, ethics quality objectives.

We hereby declare that at Royal Crown Insurance, we are committed towards providing quality General insurance products and services to our clients, in full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements as well as management standards in accordance with ISO9001:2015.

Our products and services include all the stages of service provision to clients, starting from the very first communication, the completion of an insurance proposal form and the quotation of a premium, until the policy issuance and any explanations, clarifications that may be needed regarding the policy wording, and, of course, claims handling and fair compensations.

We continuous make efforts to meet and where possible to exceed the needs and expectations of our clients and other interested parties.

For this purpose, we apply these international quality standards that offers the context in which we apply quality objectives, we monitor and analyze our efficiency, supporting our strategic direction and facilitating our continuous improvement.

The people of Royal Crown Insurance are committed to:

  • Understand and meet with the needs, requirements and expectations of all interested parties
  • Apply procedures to identify and address risks and opportunities
  • Monitor, measure and analyze and evaluation of processes and procedures leading to the achievement of the intended results
  • Ensure that company’s human resources acquire the necessary competence to affect positively the performance and effectiveness of the quality management system
  • Provide the necessary infrastructure and the environment needed for the people for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of the quality management system
  • Establish quality objectives at relevant functions, levels and processes needed for the quality management system..
  • Continually improve the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the quality management system

Comply, as a company and group of people with legal and regulatory requirements