About us

Royal Crown Insurance is a non-life insurance company that has been active in the Cyprus market for more than forty years. Initially Royal Crown was the local agent for Royal & SunAlliance, of which it is still part of the global network, and since 1999, RCI has been licensed as a purely Cypriot private insurance company.

Royal Crown offers the complete range of non-life insurance products, its flagships having been the original Combined Insurances. The Combined Business and Combined Household Insurance Policies were the first of their type in the market, as the most comprehensive insurance policies that cover all possible risks to which business or home owners or occupiers are exposed to, with the versatility of selecting specific applicable covers and individualized configuration of the policy in accordance with specified needs.

Further to the process of fully complying with all new legislative provisions, provided by the new legal framework governing the operation of insurance companies which  was implemented in 2016, in harmonization with European Directive “Solvency II”. the  Royal Crown, focused on quality services and applicable procedures, has now been certified by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Ltd, for its quality standard ISO 9001-2015, a significant upgrade after its certification for ISO-9001-2008 in 2005. The long term confidence and loyalty relationships that have been formed with associates, and especially the support and technical expertise it enjoys by Swiss Re, one of the most robust international reinsurance companies, ensures smooth continuity and development in all operational aspects and the provision of the best quality insurance products in the Cyprus market.

Our Executive Director, Ms. Anthie Zachariadou, in reference to the company’s new certification notes that “It is with a high sense of responsibility, and always focusing on our key principles or integrity and transparency and our RCI client at the epicentre of it all, we shall continue to invest in providing quality insurance services and guaranteeing our clientele’s contentedness.”

Message from the Chairman

Royal Crown’s mission has always been to operate on the principles of absolute integrity, transparency and to provide the best possible services to its clients. The insurance product amounts to a commitment, a contract between the company and the insured, and this management regards as its most significant obligation the certainty that the insured is aware of the exact content of this contract.


Our effort is to always be there for the individual or the business that has chosen to collaborate with Royal Crown. We are there both before the start of insurance, to ensure the provision of cover for all insurance needs, and during the period of insurance, for clarifications and explanations of any term, condition or exclusion contained in the documents that we deliver. The Royal Crown Team is especially proud of its claim handling philosophy and procedure, prompt and correct settlement on the basis of the policy and justice, being its main objective. 

At Royal Crown, we are closely observing new insurance trends. The transforming social and economic circumstances in Cyprus, and constantly developing technology, impose new contemporary approaches to insurance needs. We also make an effort to create policies that would provide cover in the event of a «gap» in the industry available covers. Our goal is to pinpoint situations where the cause or nature of a loss is not insured, but is insurable, and to compose the right contract wordings to offer the opportunity to the consumer for best possible protection.

We always strive to maintain a healthy balance between the utilization of continuously advancing technology and the personal, face-to-face communication with our clients and associates and build long-lasting relationships of trust and confidence. We would like to always be a mere phone call, email or message from you.

Philios Zachariades
General Manager