Domestic Helpers’ Hospital Care Insurance

Royal Crown Insurance, a company with an established presence and long-term experience in the insurance world, and with a main goal to protect and cover its clients with its progressive insurance policies, presents the Domestic Helpers’  Hospital Care Insurance. The Domestic Helpers’  Hospital Care Insurance concerns all modern home owners employing non-Cypriot domestic helpers and other workers. It concerns you too! 

An accident in the home can truly change the domestic helper or worker’s life irrevocably and create massive hospital bills that will have to be paid by the employer.  Royal Crown Insurance’s Domestic Helpers’ Hospital Care Insurance Policy can minimise your concern and anxiety for any financial cnsequences that can arise from an unforeseen event, and it can protect your domestic helper’s lifestyle by assuming your own responsibility to them.

Choose Royal Crown Insurance’s Domestic Helpers’  Hospital Care Insurance Policy

The Domestic Helpers’ Hospital Care Insurance Policy is a contemporary insurance policy by Royal Crown Insurance, and it is the end-result of continuous improvement and development, always whilst keeping in mind the financial and family needs of the modern home-owner, as well as the Ministerial Committee’s decision obligating the employer to cover all of the domestic helper’s pharmaceutical costs as a pre-condition for the helper’s stay permit.

The Domestic Helpers’ Hospital Care Insurance Policy covers all reasonable and common costs for inpatient and outpatient hospital care, such as:

  • hospital or clinic stay costs
  • various hospital costs (visits. medicine, labs, x-rays, EEGs, physiotherapy, attending doctor’s fees, surgery fees)
  • childbirth benefits and
  • repatriation costs