Yacht and Pleasure Craft Cover

Royal Crown Insurance, a company with an established presence and long-term experience in the insurance world, and with a main goal to protect and cover its clients with its progressive insurance policies, presents the Yacht and Pleasure Craft Insurance Policy. The Yacht and Pleasure Craft Insurance Policy concerns all owners of yacht and pleasure crafts and future buyers and funs of this sport. It concerns you too!!

The yachtsman needs training skills and adequate preparation to succeed in a challenging sport. To satisfy his passion for the sport he is putting in effort, time and money. Effort and knowledge are necessary, but preparation is the key to safe boating. That includes selection of the proper insurance plan and that can only mean Royal Crown’s Yacht and Pleasure Craft Cover. By upgrading your insurance protection, you increase the chances of maintaining your lifestyle intact.

So, improve your Yachtsmanship Abilities, keep enjoying your sport and back it up with the Royal Crown’s Yacht and Pleasure Craft Cover

Look into our Yacht and Pleasure Craft Cover before boarding

The Yacht and Pleasure craft cover is a modern insurance policy, which has been developed on the basis of the financial needs of the modern yachtsman or future purchaser. The Yacht and Pleasure craft cover is the creative result of Royal Crown Insurance’s constant improvement efforts and

  • Will protect yourself and your vessel along with her gear, equipment and machinery against loss or damage caused by a wide range of perils.
  • You may enjoy the company of friends, involve yourself in watersports and rest assured that a heavy liability claim wont cost you the shirt off your back.
  • And it also includes, sighting expenses, salvage and other charges, clause for pollution hazard, medical expenses and death benefits.
  • In addition coverage is provided while your vessel is navigated by others or while she is in transit along with her trailer

You can get a lot of extras with just a little extra

The Yacht and Pleasure Craft Cover is designed to satisfy all of your insurance needs and it contains a lot of other options with the additional cost to you, to be next to nothing. So to adapt your cover to that which suits your financial priorities best, extending it to:

  • Extension of cruising limits
  • Increased liability limits
  • Protection against liability to and of water-skiers, etc.