Royal Crown Technology

Technology advances in rapid rhythms in all areas and affects all business sectors, insurance included.

For years now, international insurance companies have been selling insurance products online. They have developed systems and algorithms enabling any person, to receive instant quotation, after completing a questionnaire, pay up and print an insurance policy for various insurance types.

In Greece, the same practice is being implemented, mostly for motor vehicle insurance, which is compulsory by law, as is premium payment prior to the issuing of the relevant Insurance Certificate. Therefore, insurance companies are able, through a modern computerized system to issue motor policies having even received their premium in the process.

Cyprus is not yet as fully developed in the area, even though certain companies having taking steps towards automating their motor vehicle insurance policies.

Our own company has not yet advanced into a technological trading practice. We do  choose to follow the technology flow, and huge impact of the social networks on society, for the purpose of information, support and consultation provision to our clients, current and potential ones, and the consumer in general.

Anyone can visit our website and study our insurance products, and very easily contact us for clarifications. They may complete our online Proposal Forms, submit them, and, though they may not receive an instant quotation, they will have it in their inbox within minutes or hours. It is our firm belief that the insurance product can never be transformed into an item that can be sold instantly. Insurance is a field where personal communication with the client is significant, and the capability to be flexible and provide individualised services, of crucial importance.

Our smartphone app, Royal Crown App, available free on iTunes, has not been developed for the purpose of selling our products. It does include all information on them, and a button for communicating questions, but it contains more functions. It aims to provide useful safety tips by professionals to the consumer, regarding their own best protection in certain circumstances. Within the App, the user can test their knowledge of the Road Traffic Code and the the extent to which they are aware of the concept of “insurance”. For our insureds, the App offers the functionality of instant communication with our Royal Assist road service services, by way of forwarding one’s location via a map, together with photographs, and in the event of an accident, road mishap or mechanical failure, a company representative will be present at the scene to assist.

We have created «e-insured», our clients’ own online portal, so that they may have instant access to their covers, including interesting details such as expiry dates and sums insured. The insured can then be aware at any moment of where he stands insurance-wise.

We do utilise the power of the social media, especially Facebook, for promotion and advertising, but not exclusively for these purposes. Through Messenger, a client and a non-client, can communicate 24/7 with the page admin regarding anything that concerns them about insurance, and receive an (almost) instant response.

Even though RCI has not been integrated into the «automatic online policy selling» system, even though we believe that, notwithstanding the simplicity of the facility, insurance cannot become so impersonal, is very active online, and fully in tune with advancing technology trends. Our mission is to stand, sit, travel with you and protect you, and technology helps us do that, and that is why we love technology!